In January 2016 our team was asked to complete a topographic survey of the Fish Habitat Compensation Ponds as part our work on the Rt. Hon. Herb Grey Parkway.

We sent a team of three technicians to survey the ponds and the Wolf Drain. A dinghy was fitted with safety gear and loaded with our GPS unit and a data collector. An electric trolling motor was mounted on the dingy so the crew could focus on surveying and not paddling.

Providing Quality Data To Our Client

Using a grid pattern, we were able to gather the data that would translate into a 3D underwater profile complete with contours. In total 3 ponds were surveyed as well as over 5 kilometers of drainage for the Wolf Drain.

Despite the subzero temperatures and unusual working conditions, our team delivered great data to our client in a unique way.

Our final drawings included a top overview of the Wolf Drain and as-built profile views of the entire stretch of drain. Each pond drawing provided to the client included a topographical view and cross-sectional drawings that were directly related to the issued for construction drawings.

The quality of our drawings and the unique presentation of the data had our client say that it was “the best as-built data [he’d] ever received”.

Our Involvement With The Windsor Parkway Project

The Rt. Hon. Herb Grey Parkway was a massive project. The contract awarded to the Windsor Essex Mobility Group was valued at 1.4 billion dollars¹. In fact, the project was well over five times more expensive than any other highway project in the history of Ontario². A project of that scale requires constant survey work.

Surveyors On Site was heavily involved in the entire project working for several different contractors hired to construct the Parkway. The Wolf drain and fish compensation ponds were only a small part of our work on the Herb Grey Parkway.

Our team also provided surveying services for all 11 underground tunnels, all pedestrian bridges, the majority of underground utilities, and three of the seven highway bridges.

Surveyors On Site is proud to have been a contributor to the Parkway project’s success. We’d like to congratulate the Herb Gray Parkway on obtaining substantial completion on this project!

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