We always push ourselves to have the best surveying technology available— both to serve our clients for a variety of project types, and to finish jobs faster and more efficiently.

The biggest recent addition to our capabilities is our latest purchase of a Leica P40 laser scanner.

Scanning means greater cost efficiency and higher quality data for you and your project. When you need more information to complete a design, now it won’t be necessary to call us back to the field. You’ll already have what you need from our original scan.

With our new scanner, we now offer 3D models for:

  • Volume Surveys
  • Topographies
  • Mining Claims
  • Precision Layouts
  • As-builts
  • … and many other applications.

We are the only surveyors in Windsor-Essex with this technology.

Watch this accurate digital recreation of a neighbourhood, done with a P40 scanner:

You can read more about scanning technology in our previous article here.

Contact us for a free consultation, and we can discuss how to put our new 3D scanning technology to use in your next project.