Early in October, Chris and Michael hit the road to visit the University of New Brunswick Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering department. The purpose of the trip was to spread the news about SOS and to give eager students an opportunity to work for the company.

Chris gave a one hour guest lecture for fourth year students in the Precision Surveying GGE4022 course. He spoke about survey control, Least Squares Adjustment of the RTK, total station and levelling data on a large 5km by 3km project SOS has been involved with. There was a great turnout with fantastic interaction with the students. A few even expressed interest in coming to work for SOS in Windsor.

The trip was a positive experience for SOS, and Chris enjoyed returning to his alma mater to be on the other side of the lecture desk.

SOS thanks UNB for hosting the lecture and giving us an opportunity to introduce the company to future surveying professionals.